The Learning Cottage

and the Fusion Early Learning Curriculum

The Learning Cottage LLC was started by two families in the Sarasota, FL area. Aimee Muldoon, Owner and Director of the school and Ashley Cabe, Owner and Human Resources for the school. They Both grew up in a family of which also locally owned a Preschool. Since, Aimee and Ashley have taught preschool children ages birth to five, played managerial roles in the preschool and corporate settings and both have children and families of their own. When they and their families decided to open The Learning Cottage, they knew it was time to “set themselves apart” by creating an environment full of academic and enrichment activities  as well as a positive social setting. Aimee and Ashley, as well as their families, are proud to utilize the Fusion Early Learning curriculum to prepare your students for kindergarten and welcome you, and your family to visit their campus.

 Aimee & Ashley