SARASOTA, Fla. – The Learning Cottage, a Sarasota preschool, held an Earth Day event Sunday with family fun including a Home Depot building station. Some were doing their part to make it a little cleaner while others enjoyed painting, planting and creating recycled garden art. The school’s owner says she and her sister started the preschool because they wanted a green and organic environment for their children and children in the community. Owner of the Learning Cottage, Aimee Muldoon, said Earth Day incorporates all of the school’s values. Muldoon said “Earth day is really, truly a great representation of exactly who we are as a school. We are teaching the children to be a community, take care of each other, take care of their things, and take care of the world they live in. It’s all about character building and not just academics. Growing up to be really good people.” Muldoon said the families were very excited to participate in the special day. The official ‘Earth Day’ holiday is Tuesday, April 22nd.

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