Dear Parent,

Welcome to The Learning Cottage! We are very excited that you have chosen us for the early education of your child. We understand how difficult it is to entrust someone with the care and education of your child.  We work very hard to ensure that the environment at The Learning Cottage is not only safe but an enjoyable place for your child to spend their day.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our staff and the uniqueness of our curriculum. Our teachers are highly educated in the field of early childhood education enabling them to carry out the Fusion Early Learning Curriculum in a way that keeps your child constantly engaged while consistently preparing them for their elementary education years.

We are forever striving to ensure that The Learning Cottage has the best early childhood education program available by regularly training with our Fusion Early Learning Curriculum and working closely with our teachers and parents.

We believe that early childhood education is constantly evolving. Our goal is to evolve with it in a direction that will best suit the needs of your child and their educational career.

Once again, we are honored you have entrusted us with the early education and care of you child.

Parent Handbook

2019 – 2020

Private Pre- Kindergarten Classroom Schedule

Each of the three classrooms in the preschool program is specifically designed to deliver age appropriate curriculum for specific subject matters. Children rotate through each classroom every morning adhering to the same daily schedule.


Blue Room:  Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking

Red Room:  Art , Theater, Music, Dance and Physical Education

Green Room:  Science, Math, and Social Science