Green Room

The Green Room focuses on teaching students Math, Science, Social Science and History. Basic early learning concepts such as numbers and shapes are worked into lessons on a daily basis. The monthly theme determines whether lessons will place an emphasis on History, Social Science, Physical Science or Earth Science. For example, a theme such as Biomes and Ecosystems would focus on Earth Science while a theme such as Medieval Times would focus on History and Social Science.

Blue Room

In the Blue Room students learn Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking skills. While the Blue Room focuses on all the basic early learning concepts (i.e. alphabet, name writing, etc.), it also places an emphasis on other more advanced concepts such as predicting the outcome of a story, comprehending and retelling a story, becoming familiar with sight words, the accompaniment of vocabulary words to a story and being introduced to short novels such as Usborne’s King Arthur.

Red Room

The Red Room focuses on providing experiences based on Visual Arts, Theater, Music and Dance. All artistic experiences are related to the monthly theme. For example, during the Medieval Times theme students would be creating clothing and jewelry from that time period while listening to Renaissance music, thus focusing on Visual Arts and Music throughout the month.

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